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Custom Poolside Waterfalls to meet your design needs!
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poolside waterfall
Aquascape waterfall
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At Nature Coast Aquascape we are always on the lookout for new technology and new products related to water features. One of the newest and most exciting things to come along is the new poolside waterfall.

These man-made rock, splashing waterfalls add fun, excitement and an exotic look to a swimming pool or pond recreating the sights and sounds of a tropic oasis. These man-made rock systems are an affordable and predictable way to add a waterfall to your swimming pool or pond. These systems range from a standard 24-inch unit up to a custom 24-foot high project.

nature coast aquascape waterfall poolside waterfall
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Nature Coast Aguascape carries three product lines.
  1. Modular waterfalls that are constructed with creative masonry skills much like real rock waterfalls but with only 10% of the weight.
  2. Structural waterfalls that require advanced masonry skills.
  3. Fiber reinforced concrete castings for custom projects.

All products are molded from real rock formations providing a natural look and texture and are both lightweight and strong. When installed properly your waterfall will become permanent fixture like any other concrete product.

formed rock backyard fun stacked rock
This man-made rock system is becoming the preferred method of waterfall construction across the United States and is superior to the old techniques using real boulders or hand sculptured concrete.

The durability and natural look of this system makes it more desirable than foam and fiberglass alternatives that cost the same or more.

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